2019 Concerts

February 15th, 2019 by Julie Hollings

Watch this space for all our 2019 dates….


For details of tickets for all concerts, contact our Concert Secretary, Peter Trevor at [email protected]
or phone 07368521463


Here is the current list of dates of our 2019 concerts:

Saturday 23 February at Brayton Church, Selby

Friday 22 March at Featherstone Rovers

Saturday 6 April at Sandal Methodist Church, Wakefield

Saturday 13 April at Laurie Backhouse Court, Selby

Sunday 14 April, Civic Centre, Castleford

25 May St Wilfred’s Court, Brayton

Wednesday 5, Friday 7 and Saturday 8 June – Patrons’ Concerts at Wilson Street, Featherstone

Saturday 29 June, Carlinghow Church, Batley

Saturday 27 July, St Mary Magdalene Church, Altofts

Saturday September 28, Wakefield Cathedral with Grimethorpe Band

November 30, Laurie Backhouse Court, Selby

December 4, 6 and 7, Christmas Concerts at Wilson Street

December 11, Featherstone Civic Concert, St Thomas’ Church

December 12, Light for Life celebration at Prince of Wales Hospice

December 17, Dr Jackson Cancer charity, Green Lane WMC

December 18, Wakefield Civic Concert, Wakefield Cathedral

December 21, St Mary Magdalene Church, Altofts

December 23, ‘Send Off’ concert at Shearings Interchange, Normanton

Likely to be very popular, so reserve your tickets with Peter Trevor as soon as possible.

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